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Providing pathways for

inclusive lending to help make

matching capital accessible to underrepresented entrepreneurs

GROWKS Loan Program

  • GROWKS offers a variety of match amounts of up to $100,000+

  • Any private funds GROWKS matches must include funding from a financial institution (bank, CDFI, etc.)


  • Startup costs

  • Working capital

  • Franchise fees

  • Acquisition of equipment

  • Inventory

  • Services used in the production, manufacturing, or delivery of a business’s goods or services

  • Services used in the purchase, construction, renovation, or tenant improvements of an eligible place of business that is not for passive real estate investment purposes

  • Among other approved uses


  • 4 percent interest rate for one-year to five-year loans

  • 6 percent interest rate for six-year to ten-year loans

GROWKS Loan Program FAQs

Kansas was allocated $69M in U.S. Treasury State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) dollars. The programs created as a result of the allocation are the GROWKS Loan Fund ($42M) and the GROWKS Equity Programs ($27M). The following FAQs are related to the GROWKS Loan Fund.

  • When will the GROWKS Loan Fund Launch?
    The target launch date for the GROWKS Loan and Equity Funds is August 1st. 

  • Who can apply for a GROWKS Loan?
    For-profit and non-profit new or existing Kansas small businesses (less than 500 employees) who fit the criteria for at least one of the GROWKS loan options, and have bank funding as part of the project are eligible to apply.
    The programs are also designed to focus on underserved geographies (rural/urban-distressed/ statewide), populations (minority/women/economically disadvantaged) and business types (target sector).

  • What Does a GROWKS Loan Project Look Like?
    A bank, or other financial institution such as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), is required to be part of the project, and the funding from the different sources should occur around the same time.
    GROWKS is for businesses seeking additional funds for startup and/or working capital, franchise fees, equipment, investor, purchase, construction, etc.

  • What Does a GROWKS Loan Project NOT Look Like?
    A project with no bank involvement will not be able to access the GROWKS loans. Projects that are considered passive real estate, participate in speculative activities and develop profits from price fluctuations, engage in illegal activities, are using the funds to purchase stock ownership, and/or if there are conflicts of interest with business owner and/or the Applying Partner, and/or ASO and any family members

  • What types of funding can be included as part of GROWKS project?
    A bank, or other financial institution such as a CDFI, is required to be part of the project.
    The following can count as match but are NOT Required: Loan down payment and/or owner injection, family or friend investments, and/or other private investors. To count these dollars as match there will need to be proof of these funds as part of the project. Typically proof is a bank memo, copies of checks, or proof of bank deposits of the investment(s). Please no receipts for equipment, materials, etc.
    The following will NOT count as match but can be part of the project: local/regional revolving loan funds (RLFs), NetWork Kansas loan funds, other public sources of financing, grants, etc.

  • Is collateral required?
    No. The GROWKS loans are not required to be collateralized. However, collateral position may be a consideration for the Review Committee(s). GROWKS will always be subordinate to any bank(s) involved in the project.

  • Is a personal guarantee required by the borrower(s)?
    Yes. All borrowers who own 20% or more of the business are required to sign a personal guarantee.

  • How do small businesses access the Application?
    Like all NetWork Kansas programs, potential applicants will need to be connected to a NetWork Kansas Partner such as a Certified Development Company (CDC), Entrepreneurship (E-)Community, or other Partner who has experience with NetWork Kansas programs.
    All projects will need to be connected to a Partner who can provide due diligence on the project, this includes CDCs and Authorized E-Communities*. *Authorized E-Communities can make decisions on the Rural/Urban-Distressed and Minority/Women Starter GROWKS Loan programs

  • How often will applications be accepted and/or reviewed?
    Applications will be accepted and reviewed monthly by a designated statewide GROWKS Loan Review Committee monthly. For Authorized E-Communities, their Rural/Urban Distressed and Minority/Women Starter Loan Applications will be reviewed for compliance on a rolling basis.

  • Where can I go for more information?
    NetWork Kansas’ Impact Investment Center
    (877)521-8600 or
    or visit

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