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Investment support for Kansas-based seed/early-stage venture funds

GROWKS Multi-Fund

This new program will invest in multiple Kansas-based seed/early-stage venture funds with a maximum of $2M in any one fund for a total program allocation of $6M dollars. 


These firms will be selected by the GROWKS Multi-Fund selection committee.


These funds must meet the criteria set forth by the Kansas Department of Commerce, NetWork Kansas, and the U.S. Department of Treasury SSBCI 2.0 guidelines. 

  • Kansas Headquarters

  • Fund Size: <$50M

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

  • Investment Geography: not restricted but must actively source deals in Kansas per investment thesis and historical performance if applicable

  • Minimum of five years’ experience with the Kansas entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Seeking new or emerging first-time fund managers, and/or minority/female fund managers

  • Demonstrated Kansas entrepreneurial ecosystem building

  • Demonstrated strategy for deploying funds with diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Demonstrated willingness to work closely with NetWork Kansas, the Kansas Department of Commerce and other equity partners throughout the life of the fund and partnership

  • The Fund (GP) must sign a side letter with required Treasury compliance items including Conflict of Interest, and Administrative Fee restrictions

  • Each investee Company of the Fund must also sign a side letter including required compliance

Interested parties should provide documentation as outlined in the

Request For Information to

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