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How ‘raving fans’ in small town Kansas built this govtech startup’s sales funnel

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Startland News’ Startup Road Trip series explores innovative and uncommon ideas finding success in rural America and Midwestern startup hubs outside the Kansas City metro. This series is possible thanks to Entrepreneurial Growth Ventures (EGV), a business unit of NetWork Kansas supporting innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs in the State of Kansas.

Reposted from Startland News

Written by Matthew Gwin

Originally published March 28, 2023

MANHATTAN, Kansas — A trio of govtech veterans is carving a niche in their industry, as GovBuilt partners with small and medium-sized municipal governments across the country to provide customized permitting and licensing software solutions.

The team identified a gap in the ecosystem: larger software providers weren’t offering unique solutions to small and mid-size cities and counties, said Robert Disberger.

“What we learned is that these smaller municipalities have their own unique processes, too,” explained Disberger, co-owner and vice president of sales at Manhattan-based GovBuilt. “For them to buy an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution hampers their processes to where they can’t actually fulfill them in the way they want.”

The startup already has caught the eye of the GROWKS equity program, recently joining the federally-funded, state-directed initiative’s portfolio — which also includes WorkTorch, Celerity Enterprises and ELIAS Animal Health.

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